Sunday, 11 August 2013

Holiday Diary: 3rd -10th August

This week, the weather has not been very nice! 

I watched a film called Jungle Book. My Daddy and Mummy used to watch it when they were little. I like Baloo the bear the best. I love the songs as well.

I have been helping Mummy to see what clothes fit me and what we need to replace before I go back to school again. Mummy says I grow very fast. I have another wobbly tooth too. My summer school dresses and lots of my jeans are too small, so now I get to have fun looking with Mummy online for new ones. I like shopping. I have two new summer dresses for school now, and even though I'm 6 they are age 9-10.
Oliver, Eddie and me!

My friend Oliver came to stay over again. He is nice but he can be annoying like most boys. He thinks he can do things I can't do, like turning round on the rings on my swing set. I can do it very fast now, so I'm sure he'll think of something that I'll have to learn again!
Oliver got to have dinner at our house, and we had smarties too. We watched Despicable Me, and then went to bed. But we stayed up late giggling. I read my Doctor Who storybook to Eddie and Oliver. I am getting very good at reading books.

We got to play in the garden because the sun came out again. I like it when it's hot.
We found an apple with a face on it!

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