Saturday, 3 August 2013

Holiday Diary 27 July- 3rd August

As part of my holiday homework, I have to keep a diary. The best one wins a prize. I am going to write it in my best handwriting in my book, but here too!

On Saturday, Daddy took Edward and I to the Maidenhead Festival. It was nice and sunny. I went on the big slide, and on the carousel. I also went on a bouncy thing and jumped high- there were springy things on my waist to help me go very high up!

With my postcard

On Tuesday, I got a postcard, from Jade and Ted. Mummy has asked her friend's to send me postcards of where they live. Jade's card has a lock on it, and Ted too, who is very cute!

On Thursday, we went to Cheeky Charlies. We played with Namfon from school, and I made some new friends too. I like to go very high up and then jump and bounce down again. Edward doesn't though, he likes the ball pits!

Here are some photos of my week 


  1. Looks like a busy holiday so far. Hope the fun continues and your on line diary

  2. what a great piece o homework this will be.

  3. sounds like you are having a great time this summer!


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