Sunday, 25 August 2013

Holiday Diary 17th-24th August

I have been very busy this week!

I have been practising some of the words I found hard in Year 1 spelling tests. At the beginning of the year I got 0/6 for one test with "air" words. This time, I got 6/6!
I have been reading lots of books, and working hard on my maths too. I have a new book called "The Day the Crayons Quit" and it's very funny.

I went to the park again, and saw my friend from school. I should him how good I am at the climbing frames.

On Friday I was excited because we went on a car journey to lots of places. 

We saw Daddy's old school in Camberwell in London, where he went when he was nearly the same age as me. We saw where he lived when he was small, and where his friend's lived and where they played.

We stopped off in Crampton Street, at a cafe called The Electric Elephant! We have been before, and so we got to say hello to Lou who runs the cafe again She made a fuss of us. We had a massive donut and a glass of orange juice. It was sunny so we got to eat outside.

We drove along the Embankment, and saw Battersea Power Station. I could just see the London Eye as we went across the Thames too. It's much bigger than I thought.

Next we went to see an old school friend of Daddies called Ted in Danson Park in Welling. The park was so cool! Much better than parks near my house. There were trampolines, water jets and big climbing frames to play on. I saw some ducks on the river, and had an ice cream. We chased some big crows and picked up some feathers.

We got back in the car and drove to where I was born, in Gillingham. I saw Priestfield Stadium, which is where my football team, the Gills play. 

Then we went to Rochester, and saw Rochester Castle, which Mummy said is the oldest castle in Europe. It is so old now, you can't climb to the top, but when Mummy was little she got to see the view from way up high. She said you could see right to Gillingham from there.  We went over a very old bridge, and I could see the house Mummy and Daddy first lived in before I was born. 

Lastly on our tour, we stopped at my Aunty Christine's house. On the way to Bexley Village where she lives, Mahna Mahna came on the radio and Eddie and I sang along. Daddy said it was very funny watching us sing and dance in our car seats!

We had a yummy dinner at Aunty Christine's house. I got to see my other cousins, Callum and Niamh, who are Richie's younger brother and sister. Callum likes Doctor Who like me, and I told him about the books I have now. Niamh is very good at dancing and has a dolls house like mine in her room. Callum let us look at his Gekkos, which are tiny lizards. Eddie held one but I was too scared! 

Then we went home again. I was so tired that Aunty Christine put my pyjamas on for me so I could sleep in the car! Mummy carried me straight to bed when we got home.

What a busy week!

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