Saturday 31 August 2013

Holiday Diary 24th-30th August

It's a good week because it's Eddie's birthday on Thursday, and I know Mummy and Daddy have a surprise for him!

I walked to town with Mummy in the sunshine, and we bought smarties, flour and icing sugar for Eddie's cake. I used my pocket money to buy a Simpson's book from the shop to read at home. It has lots of cartoon strips in it.

On Wednesday, Eddie kept asking me what his surprise was but I wouldn't tell him! I helped Mummy make the birthday cake by reading the recipe out. I also got to measure the flour. I had to be very careful not to put too much in! 

At bedtime, when Eddie was asleep, I crept downstairs to write in his birthday card, ready for the morning> It has Meerkats on!

On Thursday, Eddie woke me up super early! He wanted to go and open his presents but Daddy said it was still dark and not morning yet. We went in Eddie's room and had a cuddle until Daddy said we could come downstairs.

We had birthday breakfast. Eddie chose Croissants for his breakfast as they are his favorite. Then he opened his presents. He got a big boat, some clothes and a twisty track for his cars that works with friction.

Then it was time for Eddie's surprise- we went to Odds Farm.

I had been before so told Daddy the way to go, even though he had the sat nav. When we got there, I knew where to go and get our ticket, and where to get food to feed the goats and sheep.

It was very hot! I couldn't wait to show Eddie the parks in the farm. We went to see the farm animals first. I fed the goats and one of them pinched the bag of food from me! Daddy grabbed it back though. Eddie was a bit scared to feed the animals but he had fun stroking their heads. He liked the baby goats best.

We saw some cows, some more goats, and then we went in the maze. Mummy thought we should have brought the sat nav, as we got a bit lost! I remembered that we had to find the tractors to find the way out and we soon found the exit again.

I played in the park, on the Monkey Bars and helped Eddie go down the tunnel slide. Even though he is 5 he is still very little and he gets a bit scared so I like to be his big sister and show him it's not scary.

We went to watch the Sheep race. I chose yellow, Barberella, and so did Daddy and Eddie. Mummy chose red. We won and we got a medal! I was so happy. Mummy didn't win one! Poor Mummy!

We got to have a go on the tractors. Daddy was impressed with my driving. Mummy was not as I chased her round the track! Eddie liked the tractors too.

Next we went on the tractor trailer ride around the farm, and got very close to some cows and goats who were lying under a tree in the shade. They didn't seem to mind us watching them for a while.

The biggest surprise for Eddie was when we went in the play barn. There are giant slides and soft play pits. We got our shoes off and ran round like mad things for ages. Daddy said he should bring Eddie on the big slide in case he was scared. Mummy and me think that Daddy just wanted to have a go on the slide!

We then had dinner in a restaurant, I had chicken and potatoes with lots of vegetables. It was yummy!

At tea time, we sang Happy Birthday to Eddie, and he got to blow the candles out on the cake I helped Mummy make. He loved his cake!

We had such a lovely time!

Sunday 25 August 2013

Holiday Diary 17th-24th August

I have been very busy this week!

I have been practising some of the words I found hard in Year 1 spelling tests. At the beginning of the year I got 0/6 for one test with "air" words. This time, I got 6/6!
I have been reading lots of books, and working hard on my maths too. I have a new book called "The Day the Crayons Quit" and it's very funny.

I went to the park again, and saw my friend from school. I should him how good I am at the climbing frames.

On Friday I was excited because we went on a car journey to lots of places. 

We saw Daddy's old school in Camberwell in London, where he went when he was nearly the same age as me. We saw where he lived when he was small, and where his friend's lived and where they played.

We stopped off in Crampton Street, at a cafe called The Electric Elephant! We have been before, and so we got to say hello to Lou who runs the cafe again She made a fuss of us. We had a massive donut and a glass of orange juice. It was sunny so we got to eat outside.

We drove along the Embankment, and saw Battersea Power Station. I could just see the London Eye as we went across the Thames too. It's much bigger than I thought.

Next we went to see an old school friend of Daddies called Ted in Danson Park in Welling. The park was so cool! Much better than parks near my house. There were trampolines, water jets and big climbing frames to play on. I saw some ducks on the river, and had an ice cream. We chased some big crows and picked up some feathers.

We got back in the car and drove to where I was born, in Gillingham. I saw Priestfield Stadium, which is where my football team, the Gills play. 

Then we went to Rochester, and saw Rochester Castle, which Mummy said is the oldest castle in Europe. It is so old now, you can't climb to the top, but when Mummy was little she got to see the view from way up high. She said you could see right to Gillingham from there.  We went over a very old bridge, and I could see the house Mummy and Daddy first lived in before I was born. 

Lastly on our tour, we stopped at my Aunty Christine's house. On the way to Bexley Village where she lives, Mahna Mahna came on the radio and Eddie and I sang along. Daddy said it was very funny watching us sing and dance in our car seats!

We had a yummy dinner at Aunty Christine's house. I got to see my other cousins, Callum and Niamh, who are Richie's younger brother and sister. Callum likes Doctor Who like me, and I told him about the books I have now. Niamh is very good at dancing and has a dolls house like mine in her room. Callum let us look at his Gekkos, which are tiny lizards. Eddie held one but I was too scared! 

Then we went home again. I was so tired that Aunty Christine put my pyjamas on for me so I could sleep in the car! Mummy carried me straight to bed when we got home.

What a busy week!

Sunday 18 August 2013

Holiday Diary 10th-17th August

Yay! It's sunny again!

I have been to the park this week with Daddy. I like the zipwire. Its very high and fast but I am brave.

I like to go to the park and make new friends. Sometimes, friend's from school are there too.

It was my Aunty Sharon's 50th birthday on Saturday. I made her a card. We were too little to go to the party, so we stayed home and had a baby sitter. We did get to stay up a little bit later though!

My big cousin Richie came to stay for the party. He gave me my nickname when I was born. He makes music- he has a CD out soon, and he lets me dance when he plays his music on the computer. My Daddy picked him up from where he lives in London and brought back pie and mash but it looked yukky!

We went to see my Great Aunt Lena, as she is in the hospital. She said it made her very happy to see Eddie and me, and I gave her a big hug. We went for dinner at the Toby Carvery afterwards- it was delicious!

I got another postcard this week from the seaside. I love the seaside, its nice to play on the beach

Sunday 11 August 2013

Holiday Diary: 3rd -10th August

This week, the weather has not been very nice! 

I watched a film called Jungle Book. My Daddy and Mummy used to watch it when they were little. I like Baloo the bear the best. I love the songs as well.

I have been helping Mummy to see what clothes fit me and what we need to replace before I go back to school again. Mummy says I grow very fast. I have another wobbly tooth too. My summer school dresses and lots of my jeans are too small, so now I get to have fun looking with Mummy online for new ones. I like shopping. I have two new summer dresses for school now, and even though I'm 6 they are age 9-10.
Oliver, Eddie and me!

My friend Oliver came to stay over again. He is nice but he can be annoying like most boys. He thinks he can do things I can't do, like turning round on the rings on my swing set. I can do it very fast now, so I'm sure he'll think of something that I'll have to learn again!
Oliver got to have dinner at our house, and we had smarties too. We watched Despicable Me, and then went to bed. But we stayed up late giggling. I read my Doctor Who storybook to Eddie and Oliver. I am getting very good at reading books.

We got to play in the garden because the sun came out again. I like it when it's hot.
We found an apple with a face on it!

Saturday 3 August 2013

Holiday Diary 27 July- 3rd August

As part of my holiday homework, I have to keep a diary. The best one wins a prize. I am going to write it in my best handwriting in my book, but here too!

On Saturday, Daddy took Edward and I to the Maidenhead Festival. It was nice and sunny. I went on the big slide, and on the carousel. I also went on a bouncy thing and jumped high- there were springy things on my waist to help me go very high up!

With my postcard

On Tuesday, I got a postcard, from Jade and Ted. Mummy has asked her friend's to send me postcards of where they live. Jade's card has a lock on it, and Ted too, who is very cute!

On Thursday, we went to Cheeky Charlies. We played with Namfon from school, and I made some new friends too. I like to go very high up and then jump and bounce down again. Edward doesn't though, he likes the ball pits!

Here are some photos of my week